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Stop union busting and email a senator

Feb 12, 2020

The unions proved their strength to everyone last year when they convinced the majority of the Senate crossbench to vote against the Ensuring Integrity bill. We made sure that the politicians and public knew that […] Read More »

Attorney-General decides to weigh in on casual employee sick leave

Feb 11, 2020

Attorney-General Christian Porter has said that he’ll look at legislating if recent court decisions don’t reflect the Government’s view that casual and shift workers don’t deserve extra sick leave. He appealed a court decision last […] Read More »

Operational train staff face double standards

Feb 10, 2020

Due to terrible weather conditions and to “reduce the impact on the network”, non operational staff are being asked to work from home today. Meanwhile, most operational staff such as drivers and guards have been […] Read More »

Fatality procedure lacking

Feb 7, 2020

Fatalities are something which are becoming more common place in our working lives with the resultant traumatic impacts on members and their families. The Loco Division has led the way in ensuring members (and their […] Read More »

US state politicians are deciding whether or not to mandate a minimum of 2 crew on all freight trains

Feb 6, 2020

This legislation that legislators in Virginia, Missouri, New York and Wyoming are considering is whether to require freight trains to have a minimum train crew size, which they say would make operations safer. A minimum two-person crew […] Read More »

Friends of the Creek Charity Ride

Feb 5, 2020

Members are encouraged to join us for a good time at the Friends of the Creek Charity Ride. The ride will start at 10am, ending at Coast Hotel Budgewoi. Enjoy some lunch, entertainment for the […] Read More »

Sydney Metro cost huge blowout

Feb 4, 2020

Not surprisingly, the cost for the Metro rail project has blown out by $4.3 billion – an estimated total of $16.8 billion according to an internal review from Sydney Metro. The forecasted date of completion […] Read More »

UK’s rail network to be re-nationalised

Jan 31, 2020

After years of delays, cancellations and strikes, the UK’s private Northern Rail network will be re-nationalised. The UK Government announced it would be ending its contract with private operators Arriva and return to state operations […] Read More »

Melbourne trains industrial dispute

Jan 30, 2020

Inadequate training from Melbourne’s Metro has resulted in a stand off between RTBU Victoria and the Melbourne Metro rail operator. Almost 50 drivers have been stood down for saying no to driving services along a […] Read More »