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Pacific National Bulk Coal

The RTBU NSW Locomotive Division represents employees of Pacific National Bulk Coal.

PN: Mobile Phone Update

ATTENTION ALL PN TRAIN CREW: APPSOLUTELY OUTSTANDING 25 Disputes and over 250 questions raised by members from Depots across the country! Yesterday the RTBU (Allan Barden, Leanne Holmes, Keith McMahon and Greg Cameron) met with […] Read More »

PN mobile phone update

ATTENTION ALL PN TRAIN CREW RING RING, IT’S SOLIDARITY CALLING. As RTBU Train Crew Members would be aware, Pacific National has extended the Consultation period regarding the proposed mandatory use of the Drivers App to […] Read More »

PN Train Crew Update: mobile phone rollout and the use of MANDATORY apps

FOR THE ATTENTION OF ALL PACIFIC NATIONAL TRAIN CREW RTBU Train Crew Members working for PN have recently been told that, aside from being given a mobile phone as a “tool of the trade”, they […] Read More »

Mandatory Train on / off function in Drivers App – NO CONSULTATION WIN

 As a result of Pacific National issuing an Employee Update titled “Gunnedah/Bowen Driver App Change”: IT Communication: Driver App is now ready to be deployed to all Coal Train Crew”, a Notice of Dispute was […] Read More »

Pacific National Bulk Rail Moss Vale Master Roster 170 Notices of Dispute

A Union is only as strong as its members and this is an example of how Unionism really works. In an effort by Pacific National to rush a new Master Roster into operation starting this […] Read More »

PN Coal shift limit dispute – Fair Work Commission recommendation

PN Coal members would be aware that for an extended period of time we have been trying to work with PN to resolve the issue of shift limits for qualified drivers working with non-qualified drivers/second […] Read More »

PACIFIC NATIONAL NSW MEMBERS Employee Entity Change (ex-FreightCorp)

 Members are currently receiving correspondence from Pacific National notifying them that from 1 October 2019 they will be transferred from the current PN Entity of PACIFIC NATIONAL NSW to PACIFIC NATIONAL SERVICES.  Employees will receive […] Read More »

Werris Creek barracks gone and hopefully forgotten

After years of complaints and members suffering substandard conditions, PN Coal have mothballed Werris Creek Barracks and have relocated crews to the privately run Henrys Guest House at Quirindi. Member feedback so far has been […] Read More »

PN Coal – Shift length dispute

After months of discussion and verbal commitments from local management, PN have recently written advising “Pacific National has reviewed clause C9.1(a)(iii) of the Pacific National NSW Bulk Rail Enterprise Agreement 2018, and do not agree with […] Read More »

PN Coal – Fumes in Cab

Over the past few months PN members working Gunnedah Basin trains have experienced a marked increase in “Fume in Cab” events through Ardglen Tunnel. The HSR’s from Gunnedah Depot progressed the matter through the Comcare […] Read More »