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Covid-19 Updates

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NIF Simulator Roadshow Results

Aug 13, 2020NSW Trains

Members will be aware that NSW Trains recently took its shiny new NIF simulator on a roadshow to several depots to allow members to get “hands on” experience of this piece of equipment. Newcastle and […] Read More »

Loco Express: Secretary’s Report

Loco Express: Secretary’s Report

Jul 31, 2020Secretary's run-down

July 31, 2020 Dear members, We all know the NIF is nothing but an unsafe and flawed toy from NSW Trains and no matter how they try to dress it up, we will not ignore the […] Read More »

Urgent NIF Update

Jul 31, 2020Update

We will not be silenced! Over two weeks ago the RTBU wrote to NSW Trains requesting access to Depots and Stations and the release of Delegates for the upcoming NIF Depot tour. On Monday, management […] Read More »

NIF Simulator Road Show: Mt Victoria

Jul 29, 2020NSW Trains

Members may have heard that NSW Trains are embarking on a road show with their NIF simulator to all depots. The simulator will be at Mt Victoria from Friday 31 July until Sunday August 2nd […] Read More »

NIF Simulator Road Show

Jul 28, 2020NSW Trains

Members will be aware from management propaganda that their shiny new simulator has been delivered and is currently doing the rounds of some depots for members to view and try out for themselves. Whereas management […] Read More »

NTA Book Dispute

Jul 28, 2020Update

Members at Mt Victoria and Lithgow depot were recently informed that they would have to utilise an NTA book as the only means for which they can claim their book off days in the future. […] Read More »

Pacific National Intermodal Outsourced Projects Enterprise Agreement Update

Pacific National Intermodal Outsourced Projects Enterprise Agreement Update

Jul 24, 2020Update

Negotiations continued on the 21/07/20 with your RTBU EA Negotiating Team, and Pacific National for your replacement Enterprise Agreement. This was our 10th EA Meeting with Pacific National as we continue to debate your log […] Read More »

QUBE Enterprise Agreement Update

QUBE Enterprise Agreement Update

Jul 24, 2020QUBE

As members would be aware, the successor QUBE 2020 Enterprise Agreement was recently endorsed by the majority of the employees/members; the vote being 57 YES to 44 NO. The Enterprise Agreement includes several changes including […] Read More »

Media release: Emergency buttons on new trains answered by call centre: union slams safety risk

Jul 17, 2020Update

Rail, Tram and Bus Union (RTBU) NSW has slammed the unsafe operating model of new regional trains, revealing the emergency call buttons on the imported New Intercity Fleet will connect commuters on regional trains to […] Read More »

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