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The RTBU NSW Locomotive Division represents employees of Aurizon.

Newsflash: Aurizon – Dirty Tricks

Mar 22, 2021

In another race to the bottom of the corporate world, in the Aurizon grain section, instead of using NSW  based Coal Crews as allowed for under the Coal Enterprise Agreement, Aurizon instead has sublet  NSW […] Read More »

Aurizon Coal NSW Enterprise Agreement 2021

Mar 15, 2021

As you are all aware your Union, Rail, Tram & Bus Union, Locomotive Division wrote to Aurizon General Manager requesting a timeframe to begin Enterprise Agreement Negotiations to replace your current EA with a nominal […] Read More »

Aurizon Dispute Fair Work Commission Update

Nov 8, 2019

 As members would be aware a Notification of Dispute was issued to Aurizon Coal NSW on the failure to adhere to the provisions of the Enterprise Agreement specifically: Clause 38 Annual leave, Clause 53 Workplace […] Read More »

Aurizon and PN continue to fight ACCC in court

Member employers Aurizon and Pacific National are getting ready to argue with the ACCC on its blocking of the $205 million sale of Aurizon’s Acacia Ridge freight rail hub. The ACCC is appealing a decision […] Read More »

Fair Work Commission rejects Linfox bid to suspend Aurizon industrial action

Jul 2, 2019

As members may be aware, The RTBU Queensland branch has been fighting hard against Aurizon to get the working conditions members deserve. Recently, major road transportation company Linfox attempted to stop the RTBU QLD industrial action at Aurizon, a […] Read More »

Ongoing disputes with Aurizon

Jun 17, 2019

Aurizon are continuing to treat your agreement with contempt. After taking industrial action last year to achieve annual leave rights and workplace surveillance protections, members expected that Aurizon would honour its bargain. However, a mere […] Read More »

Aurizon Coal EA Update

Jun 11, 2019

As you know, the RTBU Locomotive Division, on behalf of members lodged an application with Fair Work Commission for assistance to resolve the following ongoing disputes: Application of Annual leave; The denials of delegates rights […] Read More »

Aurizon NSW Coal Operations Enterprise Agreement 2018

Mar 20, 2019

The Fair Work Commission have today certified, stamped and signed the Enterprise Agreement.This will come into effect in 7 days on 27th March 2019 and expire on 10th November 2021. Click here to download the […] Read More »

Aurizon Newsflash: Over the speed hump

Nov 14, 2018

Today, your Enterprise Agreement negotiation committee attending a meeting with Aurizon team to discuss a way forward with the EA. As you all are aware, the Notice of Representational rights has been reissued and sent […] Read More »

Your voice has been heard: congratulations to all members

Your voice has been heard: congratulations to all members

Aug 31, 2018

Following on from your actions, Aurizon have finally heard you loud and clear and have listened to your concerns. After 9 months of negotiating your employment conditions, every clause that had been negotiated now has […] Read More »