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NSW Branch Locomotive Division Structure

The following information is provided on the revised Locomotive Divisional structure following Divisional Conference in 2005, and subsequent Divisional policy and rule changes. All union representatives will work within this structure in raising issues, organising and conducting campaigns within the Division

Summary Descriptions:

Divisional Council – Divisional decision-making and policy-making body. Consisting of Divisional President, Vice President Freight, Vice President Passenger, Divisional Secretary, Divisional Assistant Secretary Freight, Divisional Assistant Secretary Passenger, and representatives elected from regional and business groups.

Divisional Councillor – elected union representative to Divisional Council from within a geographical or employer group. A Divisional Councillor can also hold positions within their depot.

Committee of Management – Comprises the Divisional Executive; Divisional Secretary, Divisional President, Divisional Assistant Secretary Freight, Divisional Assistant Secretary Passenger, Vice President Freight and Vice President Passenger . Meets as required between Divisional Councils to administer Divisional policies and procedures.

Special Divisional Committees – The Locomotive Divisional Council has authorised the establishment of specific committees to address union issues relevant to particular business groups or regional areas. These include the Electric Train Drivers Committee, Intercity Train Drivers Committee, Freight Drivers Committee, CountryLink Train Drivers Committee.

Sub-Divisions – Within the Divisional rules there is provision for each depot to establish its own sub-divisional committee. Within the Locomotive Division these are the Depot Organising Committees.

Depot Organising Committees – Where depots have 20 or more financial RTBU members, the Depot Organising Committee is the union representative and organising structure within the depot. Will generally consist of a Depot Organiser, Depot Convenor, Membership Officer and members. The DOC may also include, but not be limited to, Roster Committee, Cab Committee, Barrack/Meal Room Committee.

Divisional Organisers – Divisional Organisers are employed by the Locomotive Division to oversee and facilitate union activities in particular areas of responsibility (eg. Freight and Passenger). They do not hold elected positions within the Division.

Depot Organiser – Union representative elected from membership (through the Australian Electoral Commission every 4 years) within each depot with primary responsibility for union organising and representing the Division within the depot.

Workplace Organiser – Where the depot has less than 20 financial RTBU members the primary responsibility for union representation and organising will be the Workplace Organiser, elected internally from members at the depot every four (4) years.