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The RTBU NSW Locomotive Division represents employees of QUBE.

QUBE – Not Having a Good Week! 

May 2, 2024

 1 – EA Vote goes down (again).  2 – QUBE loses their application to vary the 2015 and 2019 EA’s.  3 – Preparations for the Intractable Bargaining case are moving ahead.  1 – The latest […] Read More »

QUBE Enterprise Agreement update- 22 April

Apr 22, 2024

 QUBE’s Misleading Employee Memo  This Employee Memo is titled ‘Enterprise Bargaining Update’ – Let’s be clear, there’s been no bargaining to update you on since QUBE’s last agreement was voted down in December 2023. Instead […] Read More »

QUBE Enterprise Agreement- 19 April

Apr 19, 2024

 What Sneaky QUBE Management has done and not advised you of?  Made changes to clause 4.2 to say the following:  “Upon incorporating Award terms into the Agreement, the incorporated Award terms are to be read […] Read More »

QUBE Enterprise Agreement update- 16 April

Apr 16, 2024

Intractable Bargaining  After lodging the Intractable Bargaining application last Friday afternoon, the Fair Work Commission has already started the process. The Intractable Bargaining has now been listed for Mentions/Directions this Friday at 11am. Remember, through […] Read More »

QUBE Enterprise Agreement update 15 April

Apr 15, 2024

 Intractable Bargaining Application Has Been Filed  Late Friday afternoon, the RTBU NSW Locomotive Division filed in the Fair Work Commission an application for Intractable Bargaining. While this has been a long exhausting process, it has […] Read More »

QUBE Enterprise Agreement update- 8 March

Mar 8, 2024

Yesterday, we met with QUBE Management as part of the Good Faith Bargaining Conference outcome that was before Deputy President Cross on 19 February 2024.  As part of that Conference, QUBE were to supply an […] Read More »

QUBE Enterprise Agreement update- 22 Feb

Feb 22, 2024

Members should be aware that a Good Faith Bargaining Conference occurred, following the application filed by the RTBU Locomotive Division, before Deputy President Cross last Monday 19 February 2024.  As a result, QUBE has been […] Read More »

QUBE Enterprise Agreement update

Feb 9, 2024

As advised our last newsflash, we filed for Good Faith Bargaining Orders against QUBE, and we can advise that this has now been set down for Conference before Deputy President Cross next Tuesday (13 February […] Read More »

QUBE still delaying an Enterprise Agreement

Feb 1, 2024

The RTBU NSW Locomotive Division wrote to QUBE Management on 18 January 2024 expressing our frustration and concerns with QUBE’s conduct in bargaining for the replacement Enterprise Agreement and requesting that they reply by 24 […] Read More »

QUBE EA offer gets the thumbs down- again

Dec 15, 2023

QUBE Management has had a third attempt at sneaking through an Enterprise Agreement without an in-principal agreement from your Delegates or the RTBU NSW Locomotive Division. This would come as no surprise to members who […] Read More »