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The RTBU NSW Locomotive Division represents employees of QUBE.

QUBE management are cowards- fact check

Jul 14, 2023

QUBE’s Newsflash of 6 July 2023 to its employees tries to shift blame for a cowardly bargaining backflip (orchestrated by Dan Coulton to cover up his own mistakes) to the RTBU – let’s review what […] Read More »

QUBE suffers buyer’s remorse

Jul 12, 2023

Members will have received another Memorandum dated 12 July 2023 from Dan Coulton this afternoon, a copy of which is attached to this Newsflash. Finally, QUBE have disclosed their real intentions behind their cowardly backflip […] Read More »

QUBE Protected Industrial Action Ballot Results – RTBU members have voted    

QUBE Protected Industrial Action Ballot Results – RTBU members have voted    

Jul 3, 2023

 In a strong united stance, QUBE RTBU Members have voted “YES” to Protected Industrial Action.  In an impressive show of solidarity, within the first 24 hours of the vote being opened, 64.22% of eligible voters […] Read More »

QUBE Enterprise Agreement Update- RTBU members have stood united

Jun 27, 2023

As part of initiating the Protected Industrial Action Ballot, the Fair Work Commission requires the parties to attend a “Compulsory Conciliation Conference”. This conference was held today and attended by RTBU Officials, RTBU Delegates, and […] Read More »

QUBE Members EA update

Jun 23, 2023

“Wouldn’t Feed Strawberries to Pigs”  A senior QUBE manager made this remark during negotiations for the last Enterprise Agreement, and it appears that very little has changed in the way QUBE view and value their […] Read More »

QUBE members EA update:  Protected Industrial Action approved by Fair Work. 

Jun 19, 2023

Late Friday afternoon, the Fair Work Commission approved the Protected Action Ballot. The RTBU has retained TrueVote to conduct the ballot electronically, making it easier for all members to have their say on what Industrial […] Read More »

QUBE EA update-  Protected Industrial Action Process Started. 

Jun 15, 2023

 On Wednesday, your Union lodged an application with the Fair Work Commission as requested by you to start the process of Protected Industrial Action. At the same time, QUBE filed an application with the Fair […] Read More »

QUBE members EA update- agreement gets voted DOWN again

 This morning we received the results for the latest ballot that closed last night at 6pm.  Two thirds of you agree that the proposed Enterprise Agreement is not worth the paper it is printed on. […] Read More »

QUBE members EA update- voting now open

Jun 7, 2023

QUBE management continue to ignore member claims and concerns having now put out their inferior Enterprise Agreement for vote, yet again. Voting closes at 1800hrs on Thursday so members will have just 36 hours to […] Read More »

QUBE Members Enterprise Agreement Update: Voting commences tomorrow – vote no!

QUBE Members Enterprise Agreement Update: Voting commences tomorrow – vote no!

Jun 6, 2023

QUBE management has neglected to inform you of a major issue that they have inserted into their inferior Enterprise Agreement, and it should be noted that your Negotiation Team has neither agreed to, nor will […] Read More »