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QUBE Enterprise Agreement Update- RTBU members have stood united

Jun 27, 2023Employer News QUBE

As part of initiating the Protected Industrial Action Ballot, the Fair Work Commission requires the parties to attend a “Compulsory Conciliation Conference”. This conference was held today and attended by RTBU Officials, RTBU Delegates, and QUBE Management. 

The RTBU is pleased to report an in-principal agreement was reached with the assistance of the Commission. The terms of that agreement are as follows: 

1. Wage offer – 6% for the first year, 5% for the second year and 5% for the third year. A total of 16% over 3 years. 

2. Back Pay from 1 April 2023. 

3. The “Hourly Rate” definition in clause 4.2 will remain as per the current EA. 

4. The Posting of the Working will have a new “cut-off” time of 1pm on Friday. 

5. QUBE’s Parental Leave Policy terms will be written into the new EA, offering a significant improvement in parental available. 

6. In-Cab Monitoring will have words to the effect of “QUBE will not, on its own initiative, introduce an in-cab monitoring system prior to legislation requiring it to do so”. 

7. Overtime Rate to remain at 1.6x. 

8. “Pencil Roster” to be included within the new EA. 

This outcome was achieved despite QUBE’s threats that they wouldn’t pay back pay after the last EA got voted down, and despite QUBE’s representation that there was “no more money in the bucket”. It also comes on the back of all RTBU Members standing up and fighting for your conditions and pay. This outcome wouldn’t have been possible without the support from all RTBU Union Members. 

Protected Action 

The Protected Action Ballot is currently on-going and will conclude before a new agreement is finalised. If members have not voted, they should vote “YES” as soon as possible – this sends an important message to QUBE that any re-negotiation will not be tolerated. 

The Union has provided an undertaking that it will not notify of any protected industrial action until today’s in-principle agreement has been put to a vote of employees. This must occur promptly. 

In the event the proposed agreement is voted up, industrial action will not be taken. 

Next Steps 

QUBE will provide an updated EA to the RTBU and EA Delegates this week. 

The parties will engage in an exchange to finalise drafting of the relevant clauses. Drafting will hopefully be completed by the end of this week or early next week, and the required access period will commence and stay open for 7 days, before members get the opportunity to vote on your Enterprise Agreement. The result of voting will be known shortly after it is concluded. 

If the vote is successful, QUBE will be required to submit the new enterprise agreement to the Fair Work Commission for approval. 

Regarding the Federal Court Matter of non-payment of Loadings and Penalties, the RTBU Legal team have advised that this application was filed last Friday. More details will follow shortly. Again, if you’re not a financial RTBU Member, then you will not be considered in the RTBU’s case. 

Download the Newsflash here.