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Welcome to Loco Express

Loco Express is an initiative of the Rail, Tram and Bus Union’s NSW Locomotive Division.

The Division represents freight and passenger locomotive drivers in NSW in the public and private sectors.

Loco Express aims to inform RTBU members about the work of the Division and encourage discussion about workplace issues.

Find out more about the NSW Locomotive Division here.

A Message from the Divisional Secretary

Bob Hayden,
Divisional Secretary

First, thanks for visiting Loco Express. The new site has been a success so far, with hundreds of RTBU Loco members visiting and subscribing to the site in the first month.

We’ve achieved a 33% conversion rate of visitors to subscribers – meaning many of you are signing up to receive fortnightly email outs.

If you haven’t signed up, do it now – it’s the best way to find out what’s happening at your workplace, in your industry and in your Union.

Tell your workmates about Loco Express too – sharing information with each other is an important way of building our Union.

You won’t have missed the hammering of the NSW Labor Government on the weekend. We all saw it coming and as a Union we did our best to prepare and lock in conditions where possible for our public sector members.

We don’t yet know what Barry O’Farrell’s government has in mind for RailCorp workers, but we have to expect changes ahead. Any attempt to cut jobs or undermine conditions we will have to challenge and if need be prepared to collectively campaign and fight.

We will also hold the Government to its promises on investment in rail infrastructure and services.

Finally, you may have been reading about the experiences of our fellow rail workers in Japan here at Loco Express. The RTBU has long and close ties with the Japan Rail Union (JRU). Over the years we have supported each other closely.

The JRU is playing a strong role in supporting members through the earthquake, tsunami and nuclear crisis. The NSW Loco Division will support our Japanese comrades however we can.

Bob Hayden,
Divisional Secretary