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International Workers Memorial Day

Apr 16, 2024

International Day of Mourning is held annually to honour those who have lost their lives as a result of a workplace incident or as a result of contracting a workplace disease. You are invited to […] Read More »

TransportNOW: latest edition

TransportNOW: latest edition

The latest edition of the RTBU National Office’s magazine, TransportNOW is now available. Click here to read the latest from the National Office; including the key seats to watch in the upcoming Federal Election, a […] Read More »



Jan 12, 2021

The RTBU has launched Keep Freight on Aussie Trains, an online campaign pressuring the Federal Government to abandon its coastal shipping reforms. A Federal Transport Department proposal to make it easier foreign-flagged ships to compete […] Read More »

Safety and Surveillance campaign

At our recent National Locomotive Divisional meeting in Canberra, the National Locomotive Divisional Committee launched two national campaigns on health, safety and welfare in the workplace for members. The continuous attacks and eroding of our […] Read More »

Mark Diamond appointed as RTBU National secretary

Oct 22, 2019

The RTBU National Executive today appointed Mark Diamond as the Union’s new National Secretary, following the resignation of Bob Nanva. Many members will know Mark from his role as the RTBU’s National Lawyer, where he […] Read More »

Submission to Productivity Commission Inquiry into national transport regulatory reform

Jul 22, 2019

The National Office made a submission to the Productivity Commission’s inquiry into national transport regulatory reform. Our submission argued that national safety regulations should be about applying the best possible outcomes, not just reducing everything […] Read More »

Annual Wage Review 2019-2020

Jul 22, 2019

The National Office has filed a submission raising a concern that apprentice rates of pay in the Rail Industry Award 2010 are lower than the rates of pay for award-free apprentice employees covered by the […] Read More »

Railtrain Update

Jun 19, 2019

RTBU Members may have been made aware that Railtrain PTY LTD will cease as a legal entity and become Railtrain Services PTY LTD (RTS). This has caused concern for some of our Members who have […] Read More »

If governments are introducing automation to save money, they’re doing it all wrong

May 31, 2019

RTBU National Secretary Bob Nanva says if governments are introducing automation and new technology to save money, then they’re doing it for the wrong reason. Technology should be used to help workers, improve safety and […] Read More »

RTBU fight to stop labor hire wage theft

RTBU fight to stop labor hire wage theft

Oct 24, 2018

This week, the RTBU commenced legal action in the Federal Court against rail labour hire company, Railtrain Pty Ltd, over the company’s systematic underpayment of Locomotive Driver Assistant employees. The RTBU is pursuing the recovery […] Read More »