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The RTBU NSW Locomotive Division represents employees of Railtrain.

Railtrain Update – 24 September 2021

Since our last newsletter (36 /21) another meeting has taken place with RSS and another with RTS for the Hunter Ports Agreement. RSS have moved on some issues however there are still many outstanding, the  main […] Read More »

Railtrain Update

Disappointingly, we have continued to see evasive and hollow moves from Railtrain since members and employees recently voted down the proposed Rail Shuttle Services Agreement.  In continuing efforts to bargain in good faith, the RTBU Locomotive […] Read More »

Railtrain Update – RSS GOES DOWN!

This week the Locomotive Division wrote to Railtrain Manager Chris Elston, outlining  concerns that Railtrain Services Pty Ltd (RTS) and Rail Shuttle Services Pty Ltd (RSS) has  not met good faith bargaining requirements under Section […] Read More »

Railtrain EA Negotiations Update – Shuttle Services

Jul 27, 2021

Rail Shuttle Services, which is part of the Rail Train group, approached the Rail Tram and Bus  Union NSW to discuss, bargain and develop an Enterprise Agreement for their Rail Train Shuttle  Services back in […] Read More »

Railtrain Newsflash: Port Services Agreement Voted Down for the Second Time

All Railtrain Members should stand proud in knowing that their fellow workers assigned to 1Rail in the Hunter Valley have unanimously voted down Railtrain’s proposed Hunter Port Services Enterprise Agreement. This is the second time […] Read More »

A Message for All Freight Members Regarding Labour Hire

Today the RTBU Locomotive Division has Launched a Majority Support Determination Petition (MSD) for Workers  Employed in NSW by Trojan and Railtrain, the two largest rail industry Labour Hire Companies.   This is to force both […] Read More »

RailTrain: Hunter Ports Services Enterprise Agreement.

RailTrain: Hunter Ports Services Enterprise Agreement.

Jan 6, 2021

The Rail, Tram & Bus Union, Locomotive Division NSW Branch have been in negotiations with Railtrain representatives since May 2019 for a new Enterprise Agreement covering 12 employees in a single classification. Negotiations have been […] Read More »

Employees deliver a knockout blow to Railtrain Services Pty Ltd for Christmas

Jan 10, 2020

 On Monday 2nd December 2019, the RTBU & Railtrain Services Pty Ltd sat down to continue to negotiate the Hunter Ports Services EA including Pay rates and other outstanding conditions. As we were still apart […] Read More »

Railtrain underpayment case update

Oct 22, 2019

RTBU Railtrain Members have been asking what’s going on with the underpayment court case. The RTBU (on behalf of its Members) is running this case against Railtrain AND three of its Managers. Railtrain are arguing […] Read More »