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Railtrain Update

Railtrain Services Pty Ltd and Railtrain Pty Ltd NSW Rail Operations (RTS) EA

Your Union and Railtrain have come to an agreement to commence bargaining on a NSW wide EA. Your  Union has had a fruitful meeting with representatives of Railtrain and have laid out a plan for how  bargaining will be conducted until Christmas. The first substantial meeting is set down for Thursday, 18  November 2021. We are now in the process of developing your log of claims to bargain, but we need  your help as it is your log! Please fill out the survey below! 

Rail Shuttle Services (RSS) EA

As you are no doubt aware, the EA that RSS put out to vote was voted down 21 to 3. Since then, RSS  has made an application to the Fair Work Commission asking for them to deal with the differences  between RSS and its employees rather than resolve them at the bargaining table. That application is  ongoing, however it was agreed that the Union and RSS would meet for at least 2 more bargaining  meetings. Your Union has written to RSS to highlight the key issues and recommence bargaining, which  we expect will start soon. 

Hunter Port Services (HPS) EA

Negotiations for a HPS Enterprise Agreement have been ongoing since 2019 with the latest meeting  between your Union and Railtrain occurring on Tuesday, 26 October 2021. Since bargaining  commenced, your Union representatives have been pressing for the HPS Agreement to be rolled into a  NSW wide EA. The Locomotive Division is pressing for this because it will increase the strength of the  bargaining position for those Railtrain employees working at the Hunter Port and assist in their fight for  fair treatment in the workplace. We believe that any difference between Railtrain workers at the Hunter  Port and those throughout the rest of NSW can be dealt with by the inclusion of a Roll by Observer classification. Railtrain denies this and argues that Hunter Port workers need their own EA. 

In addition to whether the HPS Agreement is rolled into the wider NSW Agreement, major outstanding  issues remain unresolved including (but are not limited to) the length of operation of the Agreement,  Wage rates, yearly % increases, Allowances, the ability for the employer to force the use of Annual  Leave during Shutdowns and the insertion of appropriate Disciplinary Guidelines into your EA. 

We have created a Survey for all Railtrain and subsidiary employees to complete so we can  identify all the issues that are important to you and what collectively we need fight for. Please  complete it and ask around to ensure that your workmates have had their say too. It can be  accessed at: 


Download a copy of the Newsflash here.