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Safety and Surveillance campaign

At our recent National Locomotive Divisional meeting in Canberra, the National Locomotive Divisional Committee launched two national campaigns on health, safety and welfare in the workplace for members.

The continuous attacks and eroding of our working conditions are getting worrying, especially with labour hire becoming more and more prevalent. Management have transferred their obligations virtually to the worker with little regard for their welfare. They say ‘Safety is our core value’ which is probably true as they do protect their safety by placing the worker (our members) at risk instead and state that they have met the ‘ALARP’ provisions of risk management. Simply unacceptable.

Please find below the links to our National locomotive campaign material for all members to address the ever increasing erosion of our members’ health, safety & welfare action/titled ‘If it’s not safe’ ‘JUST SAY NO” postcard! The second national locomotive division campaign is also below, titled ‘Safety not Surveillance’ with links to an In Cab camera fact sheet & a survey for our comrades who have/may be exposed to the continual surveillance devices! 

In solidarity,