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RTBU fight to stop labor hire wage theft

Oct 24, 2018National News Railtrain

This week, the RTBU commenced legal action in the Federal Court against rail labour hire company, Railtrain Pty Ltd, over the company’s systematic underpayment of Locomotive Driver Assistant employees.

The RTBU is pursuing the recovery of unpaid wage for our members who took part in a program called “voluntary upskilling”, which Railtrain has run since at least 2014 for people starting work as a second person/driver assistant.

Click here to read more about the situation and to download the full bulletin. 

One Comment to “RTBU fight to stop labor hire wage theft”

  • Didn’t just apply to assistants and second persons either.
    Drivers were also required to undertake first aid training, and a variable amount of unpaid “RPL”, which was essentially completing a theory drivers exam.

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