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PN Bulk EA – Update 45

Access period and voting:

Members would now be aware the company is currently holding communication sessions across the business explaining the changes to the agreement in preparation for a formal vote. The company has
circulated the proposed agreement along with a detailed explanation of all changes as required under the Fair Work Act and we strongly encourage all members to read through the material supplied and the
proposed agreement.

The access period ends immediately before voting commences at 0900 on Thursday 26th January and
closes at midnight Tuesday 31st January.

Voting is via a private electoral company approved by the Fair Work Commission. Members should be
confident that their vote will be kept confidential.

There are three methods available to cast your vote:
• A confidential electronic vote via an online portal;
• SMS text message; or
• Phone Call.

Please note, you may vote at any time during the above Voting Period, and you will only be able to vote once. The instructions for the ballot process and detailed ‘How to Vote’ instructions from CiVS have
been supplied to you by Pacific National.

If you require support from CiVS to cast your vote, you can contact them on their support hotline on 1300 798 994. The hotline will be available between 1200 and 2000 during the Voting Period. CiVS is based in Western Australia, so please take this into account when contacting them.

• ARBITRATION – We now have the right to arbitrate a matter before the Fair Work Commission. This
means Fair Work can make decisions on the interpretation of the Agreement that are binding on PN.
• WAGE INCREASE – 6% in the first year and 20% over the Agreement
• MIXED COMMODITIES – A new provision to allow a working group of Management and Union Delegates to review Coal and Bulk conditions in an effort to bring together for the future. A fair voting process on any proposal outcome with a backstop protection of maintaining Coal employees on their current conditions and bringing all new employees into the Bulk Business should the process fail.
• DIL DAYS – Clarification on Clearance. A minimum of 24 hours and for Blank Line you can clear from 12noon or 12midnight
• COMPASSIONATE LEAVE – Clarified this is a separate paid entitlement
• PARENTAL LEAVE – Improved to 12 weeks or 24 weeks half pay for the Primary Care Giver
• LIFT UP Penalty Payment – A new Payment for Bulk Employees when lifted up for a changed Job
• Lay Back Penalty Payment – A new if laid back for a changed Job
• IN CAB CAMERAS – A new provision to protect members when IN CAB Cameras are legislated
• CROSS SECTIONAL WORKING – A new provision that clarifies working outside your business group. Aligns with current practice
• JOB ADVICE – A new provision to receive a call/message in the day or night advising your job and any
change to it. Cannot be changed once advised. The timing of the call is dependent on your planned start time. You are NOT on call 24/7
• BARRACKS – Barracks working has been merged into a schedule that applies to both Coal and Bulk. A
number of improvements in establishing and maintaining barracks have been achieved and now included in the Agreement
• BULK CLASSIFICATION STRUCTURE – A new classification structure with clear process and timeframes. A new provision for TOs to follow the Driving Stream if they desire
• BULK ANNUAL LEAVE – Clarifications left out of last EA
• COAL ZONAL ROSTERING – Flexi zones now recognised in agreement with added protections. No Flexis before an RDO
• COAL RDO and WEEKEND PROTECTIONS – Employees will not be rostered or allocated shifts or tasks that are likely to infringe an RDO or weekend. If an RDO or weekend is infringed by 1 minute or more an
Employee shall be provided an additional RDO following the completion of the RDO block. RDO and
weekend definitions HAVE NOT changed

As with every agreement negotiation, the bargaining with PN has been long and difficult. It has only been members strong will, determination and willingness to take action that have forced PN to compromise and reach agreement. All the gains in the new agreement have been won by members and were not given up willingly by management.

While no agreement is perfect and achieves everything that either side wants, what has been achieved is a great result for members being the first agreement in Pacific National’s 20 year history to include mandatory arbitration and the first agreement in recent times to achieve a 20% increase in wages over the four year duration.

We strongly encourage members to carefully read through the proposed agreement and then make sure
you vote once voting opens. It is important that any vote is strong and clear.

Download the Newsflash here.