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In principle agreement reached- action lifted

We are pleased to advise that after two days of strong member actions and intense negotiation with the company, the parties have this afternoon struck an in-principle agreement that we are confident to put to members to have their say.

The wage offer, which has been the main sticking point, has been resolved as follows:
• $1000 cash payment on a successful ‘yes’ vote
• 6% pay-rise in 2023 (3% on approval (likely to be January if approved), and 3% in April 2023)
• 4% in 2024 on anniversary of approval
• 4% in 2025 on anniversary of approval
• 4% in 2026 on anniversary of approval
• 2% in 2027 on expiry (Sunset Clause)

A number issues of interpretation from the current agreement have also been fixed to reduce ambiguity and ensure the agreement is more easily understood and enforced.

Members should be proud to have achieved a number of significant wins during this bargain, including;
• Compulsory Arbitration
• Improvements to Lift up for Bulk
• A Sunset Clause

Drafting the document is the next priority which is scheduled for next week. Once the draft is completed, we will be doing a tour of depots to explain the document before it goes to a formal vote which we anticipate will happen in December.

The pay offer put forward by the company is above current average EA increases and will see members
getting a total of six percent pay rise early in the new year.

All actions have now been lifted effective of 3pm this afternoon.

Members who have not accepted their advice and want to work should call their supervisor and seek
direction. Normal advice periods will apply from this afternoon.

Those on forecast rosters can attend their next rostered shift pending their fatigue levels. If a member
feels fatigued, they should not attend work.

Members should be extremely proud of their actions as it was only through standing strong together and taking action that PN listened to your concerns.

Download the Newsflash here.