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PN Bulk EA- Mixed commodities update

By now, most members would have noticed Mixed Commodity Committee meetings occurring at various depots. The committee has met a few times, with talks so far focusing on the logistics of how the group will operate, creating core values, and creating communications that break the lengthy and legalistic EA process down into more simple terms that are more easily understood. We have also been looking at other company’s EA’s and how they compare to PN. 

During the Depot Visits, committee members have been able to engage with members as they signed on or off or enjoyed a BBQ lunch. For those we have met, we have enjoyed our discussions with you, and thank for your valuable feedback. 

Over past weeks the committee has been sending out communications to affected employees and will shortly circulate a survey to all Coal and Bulk NSW Train Crew seeking feedback. We strongly encourage all members to complete the survey and have your say. It will be independent and only identifiable by depot. Information from the survey will assist in evaluating and formulating various proposals for the new Mixed Commodity section. 

The committee has three full-day meetings scheduled over teams throughout October and early November, where it is anticipated, we will start working through the current agreement provisions and looking at how we could potentially move towards a mixed commodity section of the agreement. 

In the November ARTC northern shutdown, a further face to face meeting is anticipated with the committee also getting out to engage with members in the Hunter Valley and Northwest / Gunnedah Basin area. 

In the interim, if you have any questions or would like to provide input please reach out to one of your delegates on the team. 

Coal – Wayne Griffith Gunnedah Depot, Wayne Pallant IBT Depot 

Grain – Jimmy Ukmar Enfield Depot, Steve McMahon Werris Creek Depot 

Download the Newsflash here.