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Railtrain – Shuttle Services EA Negotiations Update

12 November 2021 Update: This article was original published on 30 September 2021 with a  number of factual inaccuracies that have been corrected below. Members will note the comments  in bold font regarding the corrections […] Read More »

Aurizon EA Negotiation Update No. 6

Your RTBU Locomotive Division negotiating team have continued to meet with Aurizon for  Enterprise Agreement bargaining.  Over the last two weeks, your team has been seeking feedback on previously tabled clauses  which Aurizon had placed […] Read More »

OneRail Rosters

Over several Months now 1Rail delegates and the RTBU Locomotive division have been  attempting to resolve a dispute over a New Roster. Firstly, 1Rail proposed a roster with uneven  fortnights with some having 8 shifts […] Read More »

Railtrain Update – 24 September 2021

Since our last newsletter (36 /21) another meeting has taken place with RSS and another with RTS for the Hunter Ports Agreement. RSS have moved on some issues however there are still many outstanding, the  main […] Read More »

Trojan MSD Update – 24 September 2021

Sep 24, 2021

On Wednesday the RTBU Locomotive Division Lodged their Majority  =Support Determination Application (MSD) with the Fair Work Commission for a NSW Train Crew Enterprise Agreement. The fair work  commission has asked Trojan Management to respond to […] Read More »

Pacific National – When Will They Listen?

Item 1 – Werris Creek Redundancy Issue  Pacific National Bulk Rail went through a redundancy process at the Werris Creek Depot mid last year. At the  time, Werris Creek Members and the RTBU Locomotive Division […] Read More »

Waratah ATP – Ongoing Operational Issues

Waratah ATP – Ongoing Operational Issues

A recent increase in Automatic Train Protection (ATP) related issues on Waratah type rollingstock has resulted in further delays to these sets being operated in NORMAL, which in turn, has further delayed drivers being trained […] Read More »

RTBU Member – Aurizon EA Negotiation Update No 6: Meetings 8 & 9

RTBU Member – Aurizon EA Negotiation Update No 6: Meetings 8 & 9

Sep 2, 2021

 PROPOSED ROSTERS  The RTBU Locomotive Division negotiating team met with Aurizon for EA bargaining meetings 8 and 9 on Wednesday 1 and Thursday 2 September.  Discussions focused on the proposed “Roster E” and the proposed […] Read More »

GOVERNMENT BACKFLIPS COVID-19 Authorised Worker Requirements

Aug 31, 2021

On Friday 27 August 2021, the Locomotive Division issued Footplate 28.21 COVID-19 Authorised Worker Requirements. This Footplate detailed temporary arrangements which gave Authorised Workers from the 12 LGA’s of concern three ways to meet the […] Read More »

Sydney and NSW Trains – Protected Action Ballot Order Results: Thank you for voting YES to take action

Results of the Sydney and NSW Trains PABO have been released. The message is loud and clear. We had a great voter turnout of 70%. Of those who participated, 90% of you voted YES to […] Read More »