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Pacific National Intermodal Outsourced Projects Enterprise Agreement Update

 With the Enterprise Agreement nominal expiry date being the 30th June 2020, negotiations commenced yesterday after months of delay by Pacific National.  While Pacific National didn’t have a Log of Claims ready for yesterday’s meeting, […] Read More »

Jim Hughes calls it a day

Mar 23, 2020

On Wednesday the 18th of March, Penrith Driver Jim Hughes signed on for the very last time to bring to an end his railway career of over 45 years. Jim is the last of 6 […] Read More »

Secretary’s Message

Secretary’s Message

March 22, 2020 Dear members, Welcome to this special edition of Loco Express. Firstly, all members can be proud that once again they are continuing to provide a service, whether that be moving passengers around […] Read More »

QUBE Enterprise Agreement gets voted down – again!

Mar 6, 2020

 Members have had their say by voting down QUBE’s proposed Enterprise Agreement AGAIN. The vote went down by 55 to 53 with 7 members/employees not voting.  Soon after notification of the vote, the NSW Locomotive […] Read More »

Around the Tracks Tour

Mar 6, 2020

 Brian Head will be out and about at the following locations.  Please come along and have a chat with Brian about any issues in your workplace and hear about the union’s plans for the future.  […] Read More »

Blacktown Train Crew send flowers for driver’s funeral

Mar 5, 2020

In a sign of the true strength of the railway family, the Blacktown Train Crew have sent flowers to the funeral of XPT driver John Kennedy, who tragically died in the recent derailment near Wallan. […] Read More »

Luxembourg becomes first country to provide free nationwide public transport

Mar 5, 2020

Is this the way of the future?  Luxembourg has become the first country in the world to provide free public transport, abolishing fares for trams, trains and buses entirely at the end of February.  The […] Read More »

The Activist – RMTU newsletter out now

Mar 5, 2020

The latest edition of The Activist – the Rail & Maritime Transport Union newsletter from our comrades in New Zealand – is out now. Click here to read the latest. Read More »

NSW Trains Fatigue Risk Management Plan

Feb 28, 2020

The RTBU met with NSW Trains last week to hear further details surrounding the implementation of the Fatigue Risk Management Plan. This has arisen from an ONSR audit of NSW Trains fatigue management processes from […] Read More »

Wolli Creek Incident

Feb 28, 2020

Members may have seen the news story on channel 7 regarding the toddler who fell between the train and the platform at Wolli creek station on Monday 24 Feb. The incident was recorded as it […] Read More »