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Nov 28, 2022Update

Recently there have been several enquiries from concerned members regarding Momentum’s application of Lift up and Lay back at Barracks.

Prior to the EA being voted in, Momentum had apparently been paying employees an incentive payment
to lift up and or lay back outside normal hours. This payment was never mentioned during negotiations
and was not included in the new agreement.

Recently members have been asked to lift up and or lay back at barracks and have done so out of
dedication and to assist the company. Unfortunately Momentum and their client have refused to pay
members anything for their assistance in ensuring continuation of services without further delay.

Under the enterprise agreement, when at barracks, members are entitled to the following payments only:

  • A meal allowance for each 8 hours spent from sign on at home base to sign off at home base. Clause 35.13 (b)
  • Barracks detention at the following % rates of your base pay which start 12 hours after signing off at the barracks location until you again sign back on duty. Clause 35.13 (a)
12.01 – 15.591.3%
16.00 – 19.591.5%
20.00 to sign on1.7%

Momentum’s refusal to pay the incentive as paid previously to encourage members to lift up and
or lay back outside the EA parameters would indicate that either Momentum and/or their client
don’t see it as a benefit to their operation. As such we encourage members to follow the
parameters set out in the enterprise agreement and not work outside the lift up and lay
back limits, which are Lift up 2 hours and Lay back 3 hours maximum – except in circumstances
where you are assigned to a company that has an EA that allows you to be laid back up to 4
hours maximum.

Download the Newsflash here.