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Rail in Gunnedah: Celebrating 140 years

Sep 3, 2019

Dear members, We invite you to celebrate rail in Gunnedah on the 14th of September from 9am-2pm. See you all there! Read More »

Saving the Liverpool Station safety booth

Aug 28, 2019

Sydney Trains is ploughing ahead with its plans to remove the safety booth from Liverpool Station in a move that may cost over $100,000 in public funds. RTBU members and NSW Secretary Alex Claassens showed […] Read More »

Media Release: Toddler left stranded on driverless Metro – union warns more incidents will follow on New Intercity Fleet

Aug 27, 2019

After a toddler was carried away from his mother on an automated Sydney Metro train today, the Rail, Tram and Bus Union NSW (RTBU) warns that the frightening incident will become the norm unless urgent […] Read More »

Stop Morrison’s attacks on workers

Aug 20, 2019

Please see below for an ACTU message regarding the newest anti-union law proposed. —- Scott Morrison is trying to convince the Senate to pass his Ensuring Integrity Bill: the most anti-union law we have seen […] Read More »

Sydney Metro: the delays continue

Aug 20, 2019

A mechanical problem has left Sydney Metro commuters stranded today for the third Tuesday in a row. There was a 15 minute gap between services which backed up the network and kept some waiting for […] Read More »

NIF: New driver responsibilities

Aug 14, 2019

Members will be aware of the ongoing consultation regarding the NIF Trains design and the proposed “final operating model” tabled by NSW Trains in June 2019. For the information of those members who were unable […] Read More »

Liberal senator backs employer’s right to unfairly dismiss workers

Aug 13, 2019

Last week, Amanda Stoker, a Liberal Senator, said that industrial relations negatively impacts businesses. She claimed that employers have a right to fire employees who are not “the right fit”, essentially supporting unfair dismissal. She […] Read More »

Macquarie Infrastructure and Real Assets (MIRA) and PGGM (A Dutch Pension Fund Manager) to Acquire Genesee Wyoming Australia (GWA)

Aug 13, 2019

It seems only a short time ago that GWA purchased its NSW Coal business from Glencore. Now the orange and black paint has dried, and members uniforms changed from green to orange, the colours and […] Read More »

Conservatives hate red tape unless their opponents need it

Aug 9, 2019

Conservatives who hate government interference and believe that an individual should be in charge of their own actions backflip on this view the minute it comes to different opinions to theirs. We’ve seen this in […] Read More »

ATP Equipment – Change to OSCAR H Set Preparation Procedure

Aug 9, 2019

Sydney Trains are currently rolling out a briefing for drivers concerning the changing of the H Set OSCAR preparation procedure. OSCAR sets have progressively upgraded with new technology. The upgrade results in an adjustment to […] Read More »