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QUBE Members Enterprise Agreement Update
Meeting No. 3

Jul 22, 2022QUBE Update

On Friday 15th June 2022, your Locomotive Division Enterprise Agreement Committee met with QUBE Management to continue bargaining for your replacement Enterprise Agreement.

During this meeting, QUBE stated their main Enterprise Agreement claim was to have In-Cab Video and Audio as part of new technology within new and some existing Locomotives. QUBE will supply the full detail of what, where and how this new technology may look, how and who can review audio and visual and what other characteristics this new technology may have.

QUBE stated that similar technology works well in their fleet of trucks. We are obviously not driving trucks, we are driving trains and “Your Cab” is your meal room, your change room for up to 12 hours and
should be free of spying and intrusive surveillance. We made it quite clear that we will oppose this claim until it is mandated by the Rail Safety Regulator

QUBE’s other claim, Clause 37 Wasted Meal Allowance, was not discussed and they have yet to provide any wording for your committee to consider.

We then proceeded to discuss the following items:

  • Classification Structure including Terminal Driver, Mentor Driver, and Lead Shunter.
  • Part-Time employees as part of the Job Share Clause claim Weekly Timesheets
  • Rostering issues
  • Amex shifts
  • Posting of the roster
  • Mandatory work built into the Master Roster
  • Cancelled shifts
  • Available Days
  • Temp Transfer

Following these discussions, QUBE now realise that there are issues which members want addressed and that there is still work to be done by both parties regarding drafting of clauses which will be discussed next meeting.

Our next meeting is scheduled for the 28th July 2022 at Cooks River.

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