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QUBE Enterprise Agreement Update Meeting No. 2

Jun 17, 2022QUBE Update

Yesterday Thursday 16th June 2022, your Locomotive Division Enterprise Agreement Committee met with QUBE Management to continue bargaining for your replacement Enterprise Agreement. During this meeting, QUBE were to supply their Log of Claims, but the only claim from QUBE Management was regarding Clause 37 (Wasted Meal Allowance), which they have yet to provide any wording for your committee to consider. QUBE Management then proceeded to discuss and respond to your Log of Claims including what they could agree to as follows:
• Job Sharing Clause to be included in the new EA
• RTBU Cab and Accommodation standards to be included in the new EA.
• A Female Uniform has now been completed and we were advised that this has now been sent out.
• Weekly Timesheets
• Your claim to reduce Local Working from 10 to 9hrs, QUBE has proposed 9-hour Local Shifts for Port Kembla only.
• Local Working-
o Port Kembla – Port Kembla Yards (including Inner Harbour and OuterHarbour) to Thirroul and PortKembla Yards (including Inner Harbourand Outer Harbour) to Unanderra
o Coffs Harbour – Boambee Beach to Nana Glen

QUBE Management then commented on and discussed the rest of your Log of Claims with their constant message being how much they believed your claims would cost. We advised QUBE Management that QUBE is expanding and that now is the time to bring your EA Conditions, pay and entitlements in line with industry standards.
QUBE Management asked us to identify out top claims, but we advised them that nothing is off the table but the following items are priority to resolve;
• Retention bonus of $5k each year
• Shifts at Barracks to be 10hrs, except by mutual agreement, can be reduced to 8hrs.
• The posting of the roster 9 days in advance
• All Shifts worked outside of any Liftup/layback provisions to be paid as Overtime
• Wage increases of 8% per year
• Overtime rate at 1.8%
• 6 weeks Annual Leave
• Wake up calls between 2000 and 0800hrs

Our next meeting is scheduled for the 12th July 2022 at Cooks River. We advised that we also wish to have meetings at Newcastle, Port Kembla, Junee, and Dubbo. After our next meeting, we will send out invitations for Teams Video meetings for you to provide feedback and to keep you all updated.

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