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Employer News

PN Member Update: Rail Worker Medical – Function Testing

As Members are aware the RTBU have raised serious concerns around major changes regarding Category One, Two and Three medicals.  Members across the country (in all workgroups) have been alarmed at the new testing regime […] Read More »


Aug 6, 2021

Over past weeks Trojan employees have been signing the Majority Support Determination petition (MSD)  and demonstrated their desire for the RTBU Locomotive Division to force Trojan to negotiate an enterprise  agreement. Congratulations to you all […] Read More »

Railtrain Update – RSS GOES DOWN!

This week the Locomotive Division wrote to Railtrain Manager Chris Elston, outlining  concerns that Railtrain Services Pty Ltd (RTS) and Rail Shuttle Services Pty Ltd (RSS) has  not met good faith bargaining requirements under Section […] Read More »

Aurizon EA Negotiation Update No 2 – Day 3 and 4 of meetings

A second 2-day bargaining meeting to negotiate a replacement agreement for the Aurizon NSW Coal  Operations EA 2018 was due to be held on Wednesday 4, Thursday 5 August 2021. Discussions on the first  day […] Read More »

PN Update – COVID

Once again RTBU Members continue to keep the country running delivering essential goods and services across the Nation. The Delta strain of the virus has caused mass chaos across all the States and Territories, and […] Read More »

NIF Update: Another Win for Safety

Dear Members, We will get straight to the point. Our Legal Team has just finished in the Federal Court of Australia, where NSW Trains made a desperate and last ditch effort to force members to staff […] Read More »

Railtrain EA Negotiations Update – Shuttle Services

Jul 27, 2021

Rail Shuttle Services, which is part of the Rail Train group, approached the Rail Tram and Bus  Union NSW to discuss, bargain and develop an Enterprise Agreement for their Rail Train Shuttle  Services back in […] Read More »

Standby at Home – Working Arrangements

Jul 23, 2021

Attention Sydney Trains Members: Sydney Trains has recently moved to an augmented weekend timetable in response to  the more restrictive Covid-19 Public Health Orders (PHO) issued 17 July 2021. The  reduction in services has generated […] Read More »

Aurizon EA Update No.1 – Aurizon EA Negotiations Begin

Aurizon EA Update No.1 – Aurizon EA Negotiations Begin

Jul 23, 2021

Negotiations began on Wednesday 21 & Thursday 22 July 2021 for a replacement Enterprise  Agreement to the Aurizon NSW Coal Operations Enterprise Agreement that expires on 10  November 2021.  Your Negotiating Committee met with the […] Read More »

NSW Trains Share Pointless

NSW Trains Share Pointless

Jul 20, 2021

Members be aware; on 20 June 2021, the RTBU Locomotive Division placed NSW Trains into a Step 2 dispute in accordance with Clause 8.4 of the 2018 Enterprise Agreement following NSW Trains failure to consult […] Read More »