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Apr 13, 2022

Last Wednesday, the Locomotive Division met with QUBE Management via Video.  The purpose of this meeting was to determine when negotiations for your  replacement Enterprise Agreement would start.  We can confirm the following: QUBE have […] Read More »

Rail Train – Rail Shuttle Services Members 

St Mary’s Depot – Protected Industrial Action  Last Thursday, 7th April 2022, a Fair Work Commission hearing took place whereby Railtrain opposed your application for a Protected Industrial Action Ballot. Railtrain engaged lawyers and a […] Read More »



 Delegates met with management last Thursday and Friday at North Sydney to progress your EA.  The agenda had been previously set for PN to first respond to our counter proposal on lift-up lay-back and to […] Read More »

Time to stop the Trojan Horse

Members will recall your union’s fight to get a Majority Support Determination issued by the Fair Work  Commission, despite strong resistance from Trojan at the time.  Now that new employees have had time to see […] Read More »

Rail Train – Enterprise Agreement Update for Rail Shuttle Services Members at St Mary’s Depot

On Monday 28 March 2022, the RTBU Locomotive Division and your Enterprise Agreement Delegates finally received an  updated Enterprise Agreement from Rail Train Management that was promised by close of business on Wednesday 23rd March […] Read More »

Rail Train – Rail Shuttle Services Members at St Mary’s Depot

Mar 28, 2022

Negotiations for an RSS Enterprise Agreement have been ongoing since May last year. Whilst progress had been made  in the last few weeks, recent promises have been broken, leaving members feeling frustrated at a critical […] Read More »

Sydney & NSW Trains – EA Tour – Train Crew Protected Industrial Action

On Thursday 17 March 2022, RTBU Officials meet with the Transport Minister, the  Employee Relations Minister, and the Transport Secretary regarding the upcoming  period of Protected Industrial Action.  At this meeting, the Ministers put to […] Read More »

PN Bulk EA Negotiations

Members, due to the unfortunate weather conditions, Pacific National decided  this morning to cancel the scheduled bargaining meetings set down for this  week.  PN’s decision was based on limiting non-essential car travel while flooding  remains […] Read More »

PN Bulk Rail NSW EA Negotiations

After working through a number of logistical hurdles over the last two weeks, we are pleasedto report negotiations continued this week for your replacement agreement. Pacific Nationalpresented further information on their guiding principles as did […] Read More »

Negotiations for Replacement of the Pacific  National Bulk Rail NSW Enterprise Agreement  2018

Members would have seen Pacific National’s recent separate communications to both Coal and Bulk  employees on negotiations. While we can report that there were some basic commonalities expressed  between the parties on wanting simplicity and […] Read More »