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QUBE EA Member tour

Nov 24, 2023Employer News QUBE

In response to QUBE’s disgraceful 13-day lockout of RTBU Locomotive Division Members, a Lock-Out Support Fund was established to support and recognise members impacted by QUBE’s actions. 

Locomotive Divisional Council endorsed a further contribution to the fund, also resolving those members who stayed true throughout the lockout will receive a gift card in recognition of their commitment to Union values. 

The Locomotive Division are about to head out on tour to make these presentations Please see the below locations, dates, and times. 

 Also, during this tour, the RTBU Locomotive Division will be updating Members on the status of Enterprise Agreement Negotiations and Legal proceedings. 

If members have issues or enquiries, please contact Marc Chapman on 0419828373, or Kevin Pryor on 0417105356. 

Download the Newsflash here.