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QUBE Members Returning to Work Amid Safety Concerns 

Jul 28, 2023Employer News QUBE

As Members enter the 9th day of the QUBE lockout, the alarming picture of the depths to which QUBE management are willing to sink to keep trains moving has come sharply into focus. While we had fears that QUBE and, their lackies, were happy to shirk a few rules, we are genuinely surprised by the sheer number and severity of these reported breaches. 

In the context of QUBE’s relentless disregard for safety, Delegates and Members met today and decided to pause protected industrial action from 0001, Saturday 29 July 2023. This pause will allow the raft of serious safety concerns to be investigated and addressed before someone is seriously hurt, or worse. It is intended the pause will be lifted if investigations show these very serious safety allegations are unfounded. 

This is RTBU Locomotive Division Members once again demonstrating that they are the adults in the room while QUBE seem content to put safety last. 

To address these safety issues, we have written formally to the CEO of the National Rail Regulator seeking an urgent investigation and the Union has also commenced proceedings in the Fair Work Commission seeking a termination of QUBE’s Lockout and to prevent the subsequent unsafe operations undertaken by QUBE to mitigate the lack of qualified train crew. 

We are set down for a hearing on the afternoon of Monday 31 July 2023 and Members will be updated as this matter proceeds. 

Protected industrial action will remain paused at least until the Fair Work hearing. 

In the meantime, Members should be proud of the stand that they have made, both in taking action to win a fair enterprise agreement, and in ensuring QUBE are brought to heel for their unsafe practices. 

Members will continue to be updated as the dispute continues. If you have any questions, please contact your local delegate or RTBU Head Office. 

Download the Newsflash here.