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Railtrain EA Update

Sep 16, 2019

RTBU Members have been made aware that Railtrain Pty Ltd has ceased as a legal entity and has become Railtrain Services Pty Ltd (RTS) and RMC Rail Services Pty Ltd (RMC). This means that the […] Read More »

Southern Shorthaul Railway – EA Update

Sep 13, 2019

Yesterday the Fair Work Commission approved your new Enterprise Agreement. The Agreement will operate from the 19th September 2019 and will expire on the 11th September 2023. The Fair Work Commission had 4 issues with […] Read More »

RMTU NZ Activist Newsletter – latest issue

Sep 13, 2019

Our international partners, the Rail & Maritime Transport Union in New Zealand, have released their latest member newsletter. We encourage members to read it and see how our international union mates are doing. Together we […] Read More »

Fundraiser: Ride for Sick Kids with RMHC® NNSW

Sep 13, 2019

We ask members to support one of our own. Peter Haydon is a Driver Trainer member at Aurizon and is a long time supporter of this charity. Please click here to donate. Read More »

New ‘Metro tax’ could be paying for more infrastructure

Sep 13, 2019

Sydneysiders could be funding over $100 million worth of public transport project backlog through a ‘Metro tax’. A new report from Prosper Australia and Hale Infra predicts that some key public infrastructure will be fast […] Read More »

Access to Union Lawyers for Injured Members

Sep 11, 2019

Workers compensation claims can be complex with a great deal of attendant uncertainty and apprehension. Many injured members can feel that they are being ignored and just swallowed up by a great big system where […] Read More »

Smoko: Carlingford Bowling Club

Sep 6, 2019

All members are invited to join us at the Carlingford Bowling Club for some fun from 11am on the 12th of October. We hope to see you all there! Details below: Read More »

New InterCity Fleet (NIF) Update

Sep 4, 2019

Members will be aware of the recent message to staff from Peter Allaway regarding NSW Trains closure of the consultative process for their version of a NIF Operating Model. The RTBU Locomotive Division (RTBULD) views […] Read More »

QUBE EA Negotiations Update

Sep 4, 2019

 As members would be aware, QUBE has previously stated that they would have a final position by the end of last week regarding the EA and that they would start the access period soon. On […] Read More »

Loco Delegates Conference: International Speakers

Sep 4, 2019

Last week’s loco delegates conference presented a range of new ideas from our overseas rail union mates. The General Secretary of the Japan Confederation of Railway Workers’ Unions (JRU), Mr Akinori Yanagi, highlighted some important […] Read More »