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Pacific National Intermodal

The RTBU NSW Locomotive Division represents employees of Pacific National Intermodal.

Train Crew EA Survey

Train Crew EA Survey

Recently there have been several discussions between PNI and the RTBU team to discuss and explore possible options in the upcoming Pacific National Intermodal Train Crew Enterprise Agreement. Under normal circumstances we would have surveyed […] Read More »

Inaugural National PN HSR Conference A Huge Success!

The very first RTBU PN HSR Conference was held yesterday (Wednesday 20 May). There was great turnout with Representatives from Intermodal, Coal and Bulk Divisions across the Driver, Terminal Operator and Maintainer ranks. HSRs and […] Read More »

PN HSR meeting reminder

A reminder to all PN HSR’s that there will be a HSR Zoom Conference this week: Date: Wednesday 20th MayTime: 12.30pm AESTVenue: RTBU Zoom Room Please RSVP as soon as possible to Leanne Holmes (National […] Read More »

Calling all PN HSRs

As we know, HSR’S play a crucial role ensuring the health, safety and wellbeing of people in the workplace. The role of an elected HSR is not only vital, it’s backed by Legislative powers. A […] Read More »


May  Day  is  usually  celebrated  on  May  1st.  It’s  a  day  when  workers  come  together  to celebrate solidarity and to commemorate those that have gone before them and fought hard against the bosses for fairness […] Read More »

Intermodal driver update

PN, after being forced to backdown on their anti-worker agenda of pushing a vote  through, have come to the table and are negotiating with the RTBU (as per Member demand) around possible flexibility triggers during […] Read More »

Pacific National: important employee update

Pacific National: important employee update

Congratulations to each and every RTBU Member for standing together. Every signature on the two petitions (which totalled almost 1,500), every phone hook-up attended, and every written question has forced PN to change its tack. […] Read More »

PN: Important employee update

PN: Important employee update

WHEN RTBU MEMBERS RIGHTS ARE UNDER ATTACK, WHAT DO WE DO? STAND UP, FIGHT BACK!!! HAVE YOU SIGNED THE PETITION – WWW.MEGAPHONE.ORG.AU/P/PNCONSULT PN’s ludicrous decision to come after RTBU Members’ rights and conditions in the […] Read More »

Pacific National: Coronavirus employee update

Firstly, a massive thank you to all PN RTBU Members. What you are doing at the moment is above and beyond. Keeping the trains loaded, maintained and moving so that Australians have access to vital […] Read More »

Pacific National Intermodal Outsourced Projects Enterprise Agreement Update

Negotiations continued last Wednesday with the NSW RTBU Locomotive Division, your EA Delegates and Pacific National for the replacement Enterprise Agreement. Pacific National finally put their Log of Claims on the table. At no stage […] Read More »