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Train Crew EA Survey

Recently there have been several discussions between PNI and the RTBU team to discuss and explore possible options in the upcoming Pacific National Intermodal Train Crew Enterprise Agreement.

Under normal circumstances we would have surveyed and sought your views and endorsement of a Log of claims before negotiations commence. However, as Members are fully aware, normal is a foreign concept in these Covid times that we are living and working in.

As part of the discussions, the possibility of a rollover of the current EA has been raised, instead of a full round of negotiations for a new EA.

In light of the Covid Pandemic, Pacific National have offered the following for a roll over agreement:

A Pure Rollover (that is all conditions remain the same for the life of the rollover)

Minimum of two years

Clause 3.9 to be negotiated outside of the Rollover. This would be in the form of a MOU or similar. And if both the RTBU and PN cannot agree to a position (within a negotiated timeframe) arbitration will be sought

Pay Increases. The PN Board have put 0% on the table for the first year, and 1-2% for the second year.

The RTBU Negotiating Team are seeking your views on such a proposal.

The RTBU Negotiating Team and Delegates believe that the rollover option is worth considering, however do not agree that PN’s proposed pay increase is adequate – especially considering the work everyone has done (and continue to do) as essential workers during the pandemic.

RTBU Members, this is YOUR EA, and the RTBU Negotiating Team seeks your feedback on the following:

  1. Would you accept PN’s Offer Yes or No?
  2. What percentage increase would you accept for a roll over?
  3. Would you rather a Roll Over Agreement or Full Negotiations for a new Enterprise Agreement?

Please click on the following link to provide your answers:


If you prefer to use a paper copy, answer the questions on this NF and return to your local Delegate.

This survey will close on Friday 18 September 2020

Please take the time to consider the options before deciding your answer. If you any questions or queries, give your Delegate or Organiser a call.


Click here to download the full update.