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Calling all PN HSRs

As we know, HSR’S play a crucial role ensuring the health, safety and wellbeing of people in the workplace. The role of an elected HSR is not only vital, it’s backed by Legislative powers.

A HSR has the Legal Right To:

  • inspect the workplace where their work group works at any time after giving reasonable notice to the PCBU
  • inspect the workplace where their work group works at any time without notice in the event of an incident or any situation involving a serious risk to the health or safety of a person emanating from an immediate or imminent exposure to a hazard
  • accompany an inspector during an inspection of any part of the workplace where their work group works.
  • Inspectors must, as soon as practicable after entering a workplace, take reasonable steps to notify the relevant PCBU as well as any HSRs of the entry
  • attend interviews between one or more work group members and an inspector or the PCBU.
  • request the establishment of a HSC
  • receive information concerning the work health and safety of workers in the work group
  • whenever necessary, request the assistance of any person direct a work group member to cease unsafe work
  • issue a Provisional Improvement Notice (PIN)
  • request a review of a control measure where the duty holder has not adequately reviewed the control measure as required under the WHS Regulations.

Currently, due to the changes being introduced because of the Covid-19 pandemic, HSR’s need to be on the front foot and ensuring that PN are conducting Risk Assessments, holding WHSE Meetings and staying within the legislative boundaries.

This means that any new product (i.e. cleaning products), procedure (i.e. cleaning a Loco) or protocol MUST BE RISK ASSESSSED. This may seem heavy handed but, as the elected HSR, you are just doing your job. And that is to ensure the safety of your work group, now AND into the future.

The feedback from RTBU HSR’s and Delegates is that some people are uncomfortable enacting their rights as a HSR. Or feel like they need more support. Others would like to be able to share their experiences, victories and setbacks.

In light of those, the RTBU will be holding the very first PN HSR Conference next week. This will be run by Keith McMahon, Greg Cameron and Leanne Holmes, and will be the opportunity for all the HSR’s to come together(virtually). Ask questions, learn who your fellow HSR Comrades are and start the conversation.

HSR Conference Details:

Date: Wednesday 20th May

Time: 12.30pm (AEST Time)

Venue: RTBU National Office Zoom Room

We will email the HSR’s we have contact for. Please RSVP to Leanne at lhomes@rtbu.org.au so as we can ensure we have your correct details and we can make sure the conference is secure. Please note the conference is open to RTBU members only.


Click here to download the complete update.

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