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QUBE cries poor during EBA talks

Aug 4, 2014News

Negotiations for a new QUBE enterprise agreement are underway, albeit quite slowly. Read More »

Long overdue good news for El Zorro members

Nov 28, 2013News

The RTBU finally has some good news for El Zorro members, who were left without pay and entitlements following the liquidation of the company earlier this year.  Read More »

Loco Division fights for entitlements after El Zorro collapse

Jun 27, 2013News

The Loco Division has been working to protect the entitlements of members at the now collapsed El Zorro, and to ensure new employment is found for those still out of work. Read More »

BREAKING NEWS: El Zorro shuts up shop

Jun 7, 2013News

Following a long run of financial difficulties, El Zorro has decided to cease operations. Read More »

El Zorro’s financial woes resurface

May 29, 2013News

El Zorro’s financial difficulties have surfaced again, with a NSW train leasing company recently making an application to wind up the rail operator. Read More »

El Zorro super payments stalled

May 20, 2013News

The Loco Division is speaking to its legal representatives following El Zorro’s failure to pay superannuation entitlements to members. Read More »

El Zorro super debacle

Apr 29, 2013News

The Loco Division has been in serious discussions with El Zorro recently, after the company failed to pay superannuation to its employees for the three months leading up to December. Read More »

El Zorro refuse to budge on RDO dispute

Jan 24, 2013News

The El Zorro dispute over the company’s changes to the rostered days off clause in the enterprise agreement, without union consultation, has been referred to Fair Work Australia. Read More »

Christmas in July for El Zorro drivers

Jul 8, 2011Update

Drivers for freight operator El Zorro will finally start receiving the thousands of dollars in backpay negotiated between the company and the RTBU as part of the EBA signed earlier this year. The payments are […] Read More »

New EBA boosts standards at El Zorro

Mar 11, 2011News

El Zorro workers will be pleased to know that their agreement was approved by Fair Work Australia on Monday 7th March 2011. From the 14th of March over 100 workers across NSW and Victoria will now […] Read More »

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