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Loco Division fights for entitlements after El Zorro collapse

Jun 27, 2013News

The Loco Division has been working to protect the entitlements of members at the now collapsed El Zorro, and to ensure new employment is found for those still out of work.

The Division has been contacted by a number of others operators recently who advised they have vacancies and would be open to being contacted by members who find themselves out of work as a result of closures at El Zorro and RPE. Interested members should contact their local organiser.

On the legal front, Union proxies Bob Hayden and Kevin Pryor recently attended a grueling three and a half hour meeting of creditors designed to appoint an administrator to undertake liquidation of El Zorro.

Due to a complex voting system whereby votes are weighted according to stake held, there was a tie which was broken in favour of the company appointed administrator, which was not the outcome that union representatives favoured.

In the run up to the next meeting with the company, members will receive reports regarding El Zorro’s financial position and are encouraged to submit their proxy approvals if they would like to have the union represent their interests again.

In the meantime, the Loco Division is working to ensure that employee superannuation is not compromised as a result of the closure and that members are aware that other employee entitlements are protected by the Fair Entitlements Guarantee.