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QUBE cries poor during EBA talks

Aug 4, 2014News

Negotiations for a new QUBE enterprise agreement are underway, albeit quite slowly.

The company recently presented the union negotiating team with a proposal on wages, remuneration and overtime payments, however during a subsequent EBA tour members made it very clear that the company offer was well below industry standards.

The RTBU took that feedback back to the company, along with a counter pay offer, which they all but rejected saying the company isn’t looking to become the next El Zorro (El Zorro went into receivership in June last year).

The RTBU negotiation team found the sudden cry of poor a bit strange given the QUBE Managing Director, Maurice James, was on the radio just a month ago boasting about how QUBE has gone from a $200 million company to over $2 billion in just 3 years.

QUBE has since agreed to meet with the RTBU and Delegates, and we are just waiting on QUBE to respond back with some proposed dates. Stay tuned.