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El Zorro refuse to budge on RDO dispute

Jan 24, 2013News

The El Zorro dispute over the company’s changes to the rostered days off clause in the enterprise agreement, without union consultation, has been referred to Fair Work Australia.

El Zorro management sent a notice to all employees last year, indicating that there had been changes to the RDO clause. These critical changes had not been discussed with workers and the union, and as a result, the RTBU lodged a dispute.

El Zorro then confirmed in writing that it would not be changing its position.

The issues with the changes focus on two key areas:

– if a worker signs on before 0600hrs, then overtime payments will apply up to 0600hrs, then normal time from then onwards and;

– if a worker works into an RDO, they will not be paid any overtime until 0300hrs.

The Loco Division believes that this contravenes what has been agreed to in the EA and that workers deserve to be consulted on any such changes.

The matter was formally referred to Fair Work Australia on 17th January 2013 and we will keep members informed of the outcome.