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BREAKING NEWS: El Zorro shuts up shop

Jun 7, 2013News

Following a long run of financial difficulties, El Zorro has decided to cease operations.

The company wrote to employees yesterday, informing them that with the business no longer sustainable, workers will no longer be employed by the company.

Loco Division Secretary Bob Hayden said the union is working furiously to ensure members are protected.

“We will be doing whatever we can to support workers at the company during this very difficult time,” Bob Hayden said.

“After the company failed to make superannuation payments to employees in the December period, we sought the advice of a legal team and filed an application with the Fair Work Commission to try to get answers for members.

“We also contacted RT Health and Encompass Credit Union to have fees suspended for affected members and assisted members in finding members work with other operators.

“We have requested that the company write to all employees to tell them how much money their records indicate they are owed and El Zorro agreed to do so within seven days.

“We will keep members updated on any information as it comes to hand and assist in any way possible during this difficult transition period.

El Zorro said it would make a decision about going into voluntary administration or liquidation shortly.

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