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Long overdue good news for El Zorro members

Nov 28, 2013News

The RTBU finally has some good news for El Zorro members, who were left without pay and entitlements following the liquidation of the company earlier this year. 

The union has confirmed with the official liquidators’ office that DEEWR has approved and released funds under the FEG Scheme to the official liquidators for the payment of outstanding entitlements for almost half of the former employees of the company.

So far 34 of the company’s former employees have finally been paid their entitlements which include lost wages, notice in lieu, annual leave, long service leave and redundancy following the release of cheques by the Official Liquidators earlier this week.

Superannuation is not guaranteed under the FEG scheme, but the official liquidators are continuing their work to recover funds from the Liquidation which may mean that funds become available for the payment of outstanding superannuation.

The total amount paid so far by the official liquidators is approximately $1.6 million.