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Member – Aurizon EA Negotiation Update No 5: Day 7

Member – Aurizon EA Negotiation Update No 5: Day 7

Aug 27, 2021

Yesterday your Locomotive Division negotiating team met with Aurizon for EA Bargaining meeting no 7. This meeting focused on discussion around Roster E and clause 27 Shift Limits with further discussions be held on Part […] Read More »

Southern Shorthaul Railway – Agreement Update

Southern Shorthaul Railway – Agreement Update

Oct 2, 2018

Voting on the Southern Shorthaul Railway EA has now been finalised. Members/employees have had their say and voted down the proposed Company Enterprise Agreement 63 to 39. This result confirms that 2/3 of members/employees are […] Read More »

Lost in translation: Railtrain EA

Aug 29, 2018

Need help translating the company messages about the EA? Click here to download the latest RTBU National Railtrain Newsflash.  Read More »



Aug 20, 2018

Southern Shorthaul Rail has decided to take its version of a new enterprise agreement straight out to employees, after management and the union were unable to reach an agreement at the negotiating table. The RTBU […] Read More »

QUBE EA negotiations

QUBE EA negotiations

Jul 6, 2018

The QUBE Enterprise Agreement is due to expire April 2019, and QUBE has initiated negotiations ahead of schedule in the hope that the new Enterprise Agreement will be finalised before the expiry of your current […] Read More »

Southern Shorthaul Railway EA negotiations begin again

Sep 21, 2017

Negotiations have recommenced after the correct “Notice of Representations Rights” were re-issued to members. At a meeting, which was held on 31 August 2017, the RTBU and SSR Management discussed the following;   1st book […] Read More »

PN intermodal drivers around the country show solidarity

Aug 21, 2017

PN intermodal drivers around the country are showing solidarity as PN intermodal EA negotiations continue. Check out photos from Alice Springs, Kalgoolie, Pt Augusta and Pt Kembla. Read More »

Protecting our rights to fair and equitable treatment

Aug 10, 2017

Union representatives and delegates met with management on the 8th August to put forward our plan to secure members’ jobs. We said that where there are changes or restructures, members need every opportunity to retain […] Read More »

Standing Together to Secure Our Conditions

Jul 20, 2017

At the meeting held on July 18th, the management of Sydney and NSW Trains responded to the members’ claims and put forward their own claims for a new agreement. Despite management platitudes, it was clear […] Read More »

Cabinet leaks show massive increase in cost of powering Sydney Trains

Jul 6, 2017

Leaked NSW Government documents have revealed an 82 per cent increase in the cost of electricity to keep Sydney Trains running. The leaks show that in March, the Government was warned that power costs would rise to $65 […] Read More »