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Member – Aurizon EA Negotiation Update No 5: Day 7

Aug 27, 2021Update

Yesterday your Locomotive Division negotiating team met with Aurizon for EA Bargaining meeting no 7. This meeting focused on discussion around Roster E and clause 27 Shift Limits with further discussions be held on Part 3 Hours of Work and Related Matters. 


Aurizon put forward a proposal to increase shift limits within Clause 27 for ALL Depots and additionally had the view that the increased shift limits were required for Hunter Vally Depots if Roster Option 3 was preferred. 

The changes proposed would: 

  • Remove the wording of “Non-Route Qualified Mainline Driver” from the table which would then move this 11-hour limit to 12 hours under Mainline Driver + Mainline Driver. 
  • Increase the “Distributed Power operation of 1 Route- Distributed Power Qualified Mainline Driver + 1 Non-Route Qualified Mainline Driver shift limit to 12 hours. 

The Company also proposed to remove the following: 

  • The restriction for when signing on between 1501 – 0359 Hours of 10 Hours. 
  • The “limitations of Shunting, Provisioning, Roll-By, & Dump Station Door Inspector for 10 hours” for Hunter Valley Depots only. 

 Your negotiating team expressed concerns to the removal of these limitations due to nature of the tasks that they covered and that there appears to be no basis for the increase or removal of any of the shift limits as. 

We have requested that Mayfield depot be resurveyed regarding the proposed Roster E, inclusive of the Barracks allocation to identify if there is still a consensus within the depot for Roster E as the latest draft roster which includes barracks allocation fails to deliver the 50% of weekends off. 

Click here to read all the detail in the full bulletin.