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Aug 20, 2018SSR

Southern Shorthaul Rail has decided to take its version of a new enterprise agreement straight out to employees, after management and the union were unable to reach an agreement at the negotiating table.

The RTBU cannot agree to the terms of the new EA in their entirety, specifically the:

– wage increases, and

– duration and period for roster days off.

It will now be up to members/employees to vote on the agreement.

A successful ‘NO’ vote will mean we can seek to continue to negotiate with the company, or make an application for a Protected Action Ballot for industrial action, should members indicate that they’re prepared to take action if required.

A majority ‘YES’ vote will mean members/employees will continue to be covered by an agreement below industry standards.

The RTBU has decided to participate in a tour being undertaken to explain all the changes from the previous EA, so that members understand what has been achieved so far and what items/matters the RTBU believes are still not agreed.

Loco Division Secretary, Bob Hayden, said it is unfortunate the company has decided to go straight to the members with an inferior offer, rather than continue negotiate a fair agreement.

“SSR workers deserve an enterprise agreement that provides them with fair wages and conditions. So far, the company hasn’t delivered that,” Bob Hayden said.

“I’d urge all SSR members to get along to the tour venues and hear first hand what’s been achieved, and what is still outstanding before casting their vote.”

Click here to see the full list of locations and times of all the meetings.