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Sydney Trains

The RTBU NSW Locomotive Division represents employees of Sydney Trains.

Sydney and NSW Trains Members – ATP Continues to Roll Out

Sydney and NSW Trains Members – ATP Continues to Roll Out

The ATP – ETCS Limited Supervision system continues to take steps and is rolling out with various elements of the project, that has been a long time in the making. Illawarra Line and Wollongong Drivers […] Read More »

Mental Health Ambassadors – Sydney Trains

Mental Health Ambassadors – Sydney Trains

Sep 8, 2020

Sydney Trains have developed and started a program for Mental Health Ambassadors to help build mental health awareness that overlays and grows on the existing Peer Support Program and peer support train crew that are […] Read More »

Sydney Trains NIF: An urgent update

Sydney Trains NIF: An urgent update

As members would NSW Trains and Transport for NSW have been attempting to push through an operating model for the New InterCity Fleet (NIF) that strips all safety responsibilities from Guards and places them solely […] Read More »

Macdonaldtown Ground Based Warning System Project

Jun 19, 2020

After cursory discussions late last year, Sydney Trains decided to commence consultation for the proposed Ground Based Warning System (GBWS) project at Macdonaldtown Siding. The project focuses on the GBWS model currently in operation at […] Read More »

Operating ATP Fitted M Set in Bypass – Return to Service

Jun 10, 2020

The RTBU Locomotive Division has regularly engaged in consultation with Sydney Trains regarding ATP equipment installation and return to service for Millennium rolling stock. This return to revenue service is expected to commence towards the […] Read More »

Temporary Removal of Paper Payslips

Members are advised that both Sydney and NSW Trains are temporarily removing paper payslip distribution supposedly because of COVID 19 as these payslips pose a concern from passing through multiple sets of hands. Both rail […] Read More »

Training and COVID 19

Members will be aware of the requirements of social distancing in the current environment and the two person per cab rule in place at this time. The impact of these requirements has meant that in-cab […] Read More »

Sydney Trains COVID-19 Update

Sydney Trains COVID-19 Update

Apr 17, 2020

Loco Division Delegates and HSR’s at Sydney Trains are continuing to play a major role in addressing Member issues through the COVID-19 taskforce. Their hard work and tenacity has led to robust COVID-19 specific cab […] Read More »

Sydney Trains COVID-19 – Interim Measures Training and Assessing

Sydney Trains COVID-19 – Interim Measures Training and Assessing

Apr 9, 2020

The Locomotive Division wishes to advise Members of changes to Training and Assessing (Initial Employment Training and Standards Officer Assessments) in response to issues arising from implementation of COVID-19 Social Distancing recommendations. The following COVID-19 […] Read More »

Sydney Trains COVID-19 Taskforce Update No.2

Apr 3, 2020

Your Locomotive Division Representatives continue to meet twice weekly with Sydney Trains Train Crew Executive as the COVID-19 pandemic progresses. Sydney Trains has made the following further commitments to address Members concerns: New COVID-19 specific […] Read More »