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ATP- Update

Mar 27, 2023Sydney Trains Update

The roll out of ATP operated in “normal” continues to gather momentum within Sydney Trains with all network track now fitted (except the ESR). Traction commissioning and Driver Training also continues to roll out. 

Drivers will be trained in ATP through a 2-day course with a further 3rd day of support available. Drivers are also required to complete a set specific briefing in order to be fully qualified. A 4th day will also be provided for Trainers and Principal Drivers where they will drive on their own to experience more touch time to help adjust for the training/assessment space. 

The Initial Employment Training Program has been adjusted with ATP elements being inserted into the foundation stream, and through the various streams where traction specific information will be learnt, trained, and assessed. Additionally, some trainees will have the ATP03 course inserted into their current training course. Trainees will be expected to operate in ATP normal under the instruction of driver trainers (if DTs are qualified). A decision will be made as to when trainees can be assessed for ATP elements through the Principal Driver assessment processes. 

A lot of elements of the ATP remain in flux and will continue evolve as training and “normal” operations progresses. We remain positive that there will be a safety benefit to members as confidence in the system improves and its impact on the driving task is better understood. 

It is noted that Tangara (T Sets) will be brought back and operated in bypass for a period of time as a fix for a system issue is developed. 

Things to consider for drivers using ATP Normal 

  • • Bypass cannot be used once a driver is qualified, for that specific set. No exceptions. 
  • • Level 1 to be used in all areas (except the ESR from Bondi to Erskineville). 
  • • If ATP is isolated then it is to be worked out of service (minimum standards). 
  • • Not all turnouts are enforced. Drivers should be aware that their route knowledge remains vital to the safe operation of the train. 

The RTBU Locomotive Division continues to consult and raise issues/concerns concerning the rollout of the ATP system, and we will continue to fight for the safety of the members. 

All ATP issues should be reported to your local Locomotive Division delegate, the project reps or Head Office – details of incidents should also be kept. This will assist us as we continue to consult on the ATP Project and improve/fix any safety issues 

The RTBU Locomotive Division Project team is Theo Nestora, Giovanna Bonelli, Andy Holt, David Sutton. 

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