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NSW Trains

The RTBU NSW Locomotive Division represents employees of NSW Trains.

NIF Update

May 28, 2020

As the never ending NIF process unfolds, the issues with the process and the train continue to intensify. This was highlighted by last week’s announcement that NSW Trains intend to invade members’ privacy whilst at […] Read More »

Temporary Removal of Paper Payslips

Members are advised that both Sydney and NSW Trains are temporarily removing paper payslip distribution supposedly because of COVID 19 as these payslips pose a concern from passing through multiple sets of hands. Both rail […] Read More »

NSW Trains – Safety Critical Daily Distribution

May 27, 2020

NSW Trains have recently advised the Locomotive Division that they are in the process of making changes to safety critical daily distribution in response to receiving a Regulator Improvement Notice following the Wallan derailment. NSW […] Read More »

NIF Update – In-Cab Cameras

May 22, 2020

Members would be aware that as part of the NIF, NSW Trains and Transport for NSW are proposing to introduce full in-cab video recording. The RTBU is, and remains, fundamentally opposed to in-cab video and […] Read More »

NSW Trains NIF and COVID-19

NSW Trains NIF and COVID-19

May 4, 2020

Members will be aware of the current situation with COVID-19 and the effects it is having our work environment, families, and social lives. What members may not be aware of is NSW Trains appalling approach […] Read More »

Training and COVID 19

Members will be aware of the requirements of social distancing in the current environment and the two person per cab rule in place at this time. The impact of these requirements has meant that in-cab […] Read More »

NSW Trains Member Information

Apr 27, 2020

The Locomotive Division has received numerous queries from its members regarding Regional Drivers and how they were able to originally achieve a 5.4% wage increase for a new operating model. The last significant change to […] Read More »

NSW Trains and COVID 19

NSW Trains and COVID 19

Apr 9, 2020

Members will be aware of the current situation with COVID 19 as they continue to perform their duties as essential service employees and the results of the same within their work environments. Members may also […] Read More »

NSW Trains COVID-19 Taskforce Update No.2

Apr 3, 2020

Your Locomotive Division continues to attempt to engage NSW Trains in genuine and proactive discussions around issues faced by Members amid the COVID-19 pandemic. Despite numerous requests, Senior NSW Trains Management has refused to engage […] Read More »

NSW Trains COVID-19 Taskforce Update

NSW Trains COVID-19 Taskforce Update

Mar 27, 2020

Your Union is committed to protecting the health and safety of Members and the community through these tough and challenging times. Your Locomotive Division Representatives have agreed to meet twice weekly with NSW Train Link […] Read More »