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NIF Simulator Road Show: Mt Victoria

Jul 29, 2020NSW Trains

Members may have heard that NSW Trains are embarking on a road show with their NIF simulator to all depots. The simulator will be at Mt Victoria from Friday 31 July until Sunday August 2nd with Mt Victoria crew rostered to attend.

In yet another communication failure by NSW Trains, depot rosters originally advised this was for “NIF Simulator Training”. We have now confirmed this is not the case. The roadshow is not training, as the design process is yet to be finalised.

The RTBU is currently in dispute with NSW Trains about their failed consultative process, and we want to be very clear, with members and management, that allowing us to view their shiny new toy does not equal consultation or agreement. Do not sign or agree to anything.

The intent is to have crew get hands on exposure to the simulator and its operation. Members will be given 20 minutes to try it out for themselves and give feedback.

The Loco Division has been very vocal regarding the failings of the NIF cab design as contained in previous Footplates/Bulletins following comments and feedback from those Delegates who have seen the cab. This is an opportunity for members to actually see, feel and express what these issues equate to for drivers.

This is the first-time members have had the opportunity to see the cab design in scale. It is extremely important that members provide their feedback to us as we continue to represent and argue for a cab design that meets members’ requirements unlike the current flawed design.

This feedback can be provided with this link https://www.surveymonkey.com/r/SSV6MHT

This will also be text messaged to all members to provide your feedback on your smart phone or device. If you want a paper version of the survey please email nif@rtbu-nsw.asn.au or speak to your Depot Organiser.

Member feedback will assist the Division in formulating its ongoing engagement with NSW Trains/TfNSW regarding the design and operation of the NIF.

As the simulator does not belong to NSW Trains, drivers will have to be inducted before having access and physical distancing will have to be maintained. Similarly the simulator should be cleaned and sanitised between inspections.

When the Roadshow heads to other depots we will be in touch with members with further instructions.

Click here to download the full Footplate.