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Sydney and NSW Trains Members – ATP Continues to Roll Out

The ATP – ETCS Limited Supervision system continues to take steps and is rolling out with various elements of the project, that has been a long time in the making.

Illawarra Line and Wollongong Drivers

The Illawarra line has now gone live with ATP fitted between Kiama to Kogarah, including Cronulla and Port Kembla.

  • ATP Trackside equipment has been commissioned. From this point on NSWTL qualified drivers will operate OSCAR trains in Normal mode between Kiama to Kogarah.
  • NSWTL Wollongong drivers are currently undertaking the 2-day training course that will qualify them for the ATP system and allow them to operate OSCAR trains in normal mode. If the driver is not trained, then the train will be operated in bypass mode.

Note – Nothing will change for Sydney Trains Drivers who will continue to operate OSCAR trains in bypass mode. At relief points and change of ends locations Sydney Trains Drivers must ensure that the ATP Bypass switch is set to Bypass. (TOM Notice 015 – 2020).

Waratah A&B Sets

Waratah A&B sets fitted with ATP equipment are scheduled to return to revenue service in bypass mode from 7th September 2020

  • Drivers will undergo an ATP A&B set briefing, this is being finalised and planned.
  • Once drivers undertake a briefing, they will be required to perform the modified preparation procedure which includes the ATP reset.

Driver Training of the ATP System

Drivers are advised that from November 2020 ATP training is planned to commence to qualify drivers for the ATP System which will allow drivers to operate in the Normal mode (if train and track is fitted). More details closer to the time.

  • Driver reps were part of several walk throughs that have been undertaken concerning the proposed 2-day training course. Feedback has been delivered and we are awaiting further consultation concerning the course structure and development.

V100 screen software updates (Millennium sets)

  • Software installed to increase speedo size and give more flexibility with day / night mode and the brightness functionality.

The RTBULD appreciate all members and reps for information and feedback throughout this project.  Please contact the RTBULD project reps or head office if there is any more information required. Stay safe.