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NIF Simulator Road Show

Jul 28, 2020NSW Trains

Members will be aware from management propaganda that their shiny new simulator has been delivered and is currently doing the rounds of some depots for members to view and try out for themselves. Whereas management is promoting it as a wonderful thing, members are now seeing for themselves the cab design, most for the first time, and are not impressed with what they are seeing.

The Loco Division has fielded multiple complaints regarding many elements of the cab design with members expressing their safety concerns at every location the simulator visits. Members are now gravely concerned as to the unsafe nature of the cab design, equipment placement and the negative impacts the “it works on paper so must be good” attitude NSW Trains and TfNSW are pushing.

The Loco Division is in the process of correlating all members complaints/concerns in order to continue to represent them to management as first hand evidence of the discontent/concerns expressed by the end users of this defective design and the effect it is and will have on morale and workplace stress.