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Update: Waratah train handover

May 25, 2011News

As members will be aware, RailCorp has been handed set A03 to commence evaluations prior to acceptance or rejection of the set for operational purposes. This period of evaluation expired on the weekend of the 22/23 […] Read More »

Transfer & Placement Policy dispute update

May 25, 2011News

As previously reported, RailCorp was seeking to recruit and appoint new train drivers directly to Mortdale, Flemington and Hornsby depots, bypassing known Industrial agreements about depot transfer waiting lists. The RTBU placed this matter into […] Read More »

RTBU farewells JD

Apr 29, 2011Uncategorized

Best wishes from the RTBU Loco Division to retiring RailCorp Driver JD Hughes. JD Hughes retired just before Easter, after achieving his aim of being Blacktown’s Senior Driver. This was admittedly only a short stint, […] Read More »

Update: transfer dispute escalated

Apr 20, 2011Uncategorized

RTBU members recently met with RailCorp to resolve a dispute over its recent decision to recruit and appoint graduating Trainee Drivers to Mortdale, Flemington and Hornsby Depots. As reported previously in Loco Express, the RTBU […] Read More »

First Waratah train ready for handover

Apr 19, 2011News

RailCorp recently received notification that the first Waratah Set is ready for inspection and handover before the they start “in service” running. RailCorp technicians will begin inspecting Set A03 from 19 April. A range of […] Read More »

RailCorp pulled up on failure to consult

Apr 12, 2011News

The Loco Division has ensured that RailCorp follow the proper consultation process on a proposal to implement computer based training to refresh drivers on Yards and Sidings training. Members will be aware that the proposal […] Read More »

Loco victory will see proper update to master rosters

Apr 12, 2011News

The Loco Division recently entered into a dispute with RailCorp over a proposal to add additional work into driver diagrams, which would breach the 2010 EA, the Drivers Rostering and Working Arrangements [DR&WA] and the […] Read More »

RailCorp told no extra preparation without extra time

Apr 12, 2011News

RailCorp and CountryLink have been trying unsuccessfully for some time now to convince drivers to carry out tasks that are not part of agreed preparation duties. The latest effort appears to be an attempt to […] Read More »

Changes to sign on times deferred

Apr 8, 2011News

The RTBU has been successful in deferring a proposal to remove the additional six minutes sign on time afforded to Suburban drivers for their train preparation procedure until the OPCREW rostering system is optimized later […] Read More »

Update: Transfer and Roster Placement Policy Success

Apr 5, 2011News

RTBU is pleased to announce that it has had some success in ensuring RailCorp uphold the Transfer and Roster Placement Policy and the Seniority system currently in place. The RTBU previously reported that it had […] Read More »

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