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Transfer & Placement Policy dispute update

May 25, 2011News

As previously reported, RailCorp was seeking to recruit and appoint new train drivers directly to Mortdale, Flemington and Hornsby depots, bypassing known Industrial agreements about depot transfer waiting lists.

The RTBU placed this matter into dispute and was only one step away from taking this issue to Fair Work Australia when RailCorp conceded it “had made a  mistake”. A successful resolution was subsequently achieved and the Transfer and Roster Placement Policy was upheld for the benefit of all drivers.

As a part of this resolution, it was agreed that the 3 affected schools of trainees would now have their letters of offer rescinded and be placed on the roster at Central, in line with previous practice for graduating trainees.

The affected graduating drivers are now extremely disgruntled with RailCorp for knowingly giving illegal letters of offer in the first place and the RTBU will be seeking legal advice to obtain some form of redress for these members.