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RailCorp told no extra preparation without extra time

Apr 12, 2011News

RailCorp and CountryLink have been trying unsuccessfully for some time now to convince drivers to carry out tasks that are not part of agreed preparation duties.

The latest effort appears to be an attempt to get drivers to carry out a number of CountryNet and MetroNet radio tests as part of the preparation of Xplorer trains.

There is clearly no time allowed for this testing and RailCorps’ own Train Operations Manual  (OMDT 406) doesn’t require these tests to be carried out.

RailCorp has been advised by the RTBU that if the testing of this equipment is to be included as part of a driver’s responsibilities the time allowance will need to be revisited. This is in accordance with Clause 124 of the RailCorp EA (2010), which stipulates that any change to an agreed procedure will require fresh time trials to be carried out.