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Update: Waratah train handover

May 25, 2011News

As members will be aware, RailCorp has been handed set A03 to commence evaluations prior to acceptance or rejection of the set for operational purposes. This period of evaluation expired on the weekend of the 22/23 May and if RailCorp accepts the train it will commence revenue service in the next week.

During the evaluation period, the RTBU was provided minimal opportunity to conduct the various “on train” validations of many of the new train’s safety systems and develop the appropriate procedures for their usage. In addition to this, platform extension validations remain to be completed to assure both crew cabs have access to all platforms within the Cityrail network.

The RTBU project representatives were invited to “observe” on several test runs on this train providing little opportunity to gain “hands on” experience of the train’s operational capabilities. It did however, provide the representatives with an insight into some of the operational faults associated with the crew cab environment and computer software shortcomings.

To date, the RTBU representatives have serious concerns about the quality of the windscreen which goes “milky” when exposed to sunlight, unacceptable reflection and glare from the Etis screens, cab door operations and alarms as well as the current vigilance fitted on this train.

In addition to these issues, the RTBU is also concerned in regards to the Emergency Detrainment ramp and its associated fittings which we believe could potentially cause injury to train crew within the cab.

Members will be kept informed as to the status of this train and our ongoing concerns.